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Republic of Palau, Micronesia

(ALL INTERNAL, LIMITED EXTERNAL USAGE RIGHTS) Aerial view of Jellyfish Lake int the Rock Islands of Palau. From this view, you can see how close the lake is to the nearby open ocean, however it’s isolation is what has made this lake and it’s inhabitants such a major tourist draw. The coral reefs of Palau are part of a massive interconnected system that ties together Micronesia and the Western Pacific. To protect these reefs the Conservancy joined with other experts to develop Transforming Coral Reef Conservation. The Conservancy has worked with Palau’s community leaders and government agencies since 1992. In that time we have helped bridge the gap between traditional and modern approaches to conservation. The Conservancy helped establish the Palau Conservation Society, a local environmental organization dedicated to protecting Palau’s natural heritage.PHOTO CREDIT: © Ian Shive

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