Ir. Simon S.K. Goh

Current Appointment: Executive Director

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering, University of Adelaide, FIEM, P. ENG, MACEM, FTAM

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Simon is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in the construction industry in the Malaysian State of Sabah and W.P. Labuan.

He is in-charge on the day to day management of the company. His duties include overseeing the implementation of all the projects undertaken from preliminary design stage to full completion of the project.

He is also responsible for all the correspondences and marketing strategy for the company and liaising with the client with regards to performance, issuing certificate of practical completion and preparing ‘as built’ drawings for record.


Ir. Paul Wang

Current Appointment: Founder

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) University of Malaya, FIEM, P.Eng, MTAM

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Ir. Wang has been responsible for development of the practice since the firm’s inception in 1970.

Paul was responsible for the designing & implementation of his specialty such as roads, bridges and sewerage systems as well as of buildings of all types.

His current duties based on his over 40 years of experience include consulting with designers on the efficient engineering design, providing aid and troubleshooting.


Beatrice Mei Wang-Goh

Current Appointment: General Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Mount Holyoke College ,USA; International Christian University, JAPAN 1985); University of Hawaii ‘Executive Development in Tourism’ 1989, MTAM.

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She is primarily responsible for the administration of the office. Her duties include software & equipment management, human resource development and liaising with various government authorities.

She is also the personal relationship manager maintaining contact between clients and ensuring good communication between both firms.

Prior to joining the firm, she was involved in the development of local tour excursions and international marketing for a local tour company.